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Los Angeles Hoopz, LLC Reinstatement Form

For Use by Participants of All Divisions at Los Angeles Hoopz, LLC

This application must be completed and all required documentation must be submitted to Los Angeles Hoopz, LLC before the player may participate in any event sponsored by the Los Angeles Hoopz, LLC Organization.

Please note that all decisions made the League Office may not be appealed at anytime to an outside source. In addition, if reinstatement is requested, the reinstatement request will be processed first then the decision will be made in an appropriate fashion adhering to the Rules and Regulations set forth in the Los Angeles Hoopz, LLC organization.

Please fill out the following information
Team or Organization:
Member or Participant’s name:
Member or Participant’s phone number:
Season of competition remaining:
Member’s next scheduled contest:
Date violation occurred:
Date violation discovered:
Please indicate by violation as stated by Los Angeles Hoopz, LLC:
List all individuals involved in violation (including general mangers, coaches, players, and/or guests):
Describe the facts of violation:
List reasons violation occurred:
What are the corrective actions deemed necessary to ensure that such incidents are prevented to help make Los Angeles Hoopz, LLC a better organization.
Please list any relevant case precedent information:
Please note that many cases include supporting documentation that must be included for the reinstatement case. Please include all supporting documentation with this application when submitting the information to the League Office.
Signature of individual submitting request/report: